March 2018
Mark Fogerty, Challenge Projects Ltd, shares his view of best practice on simulation approach focussing on the Model Build & Validation element of CILT’s Simulation Best Practices series

November 2017

Challenge Projects completes Central Asia mine construction pre-feasibility study covering people and materials logistics bespoke modelling, handling methods, equipment and costs

August 2017

Challenge Projects commences work in Association with a large Management Consultancy for a truly unique and emerging end-client operation to model capacity, evaluate handling methods and design delivery to point of use

August 2017

Challenge Projects delivers Operations recovery and cost reduction plus business process alignment and improvement

July 2016

Challenge Projects completes Due Diligence advisory work for PE acquisition of 3rd Party Logistics Provider

July 2016

Completion of logistics plans, capacity model and solutions for large and heavily constrained construction site

June 2016

Network Optimisation and capacity planning completed in Eastern Europe

November 2015

Challenge Projects completes 6-month project to implement programme and operations to create in-house 2-man home delivery network for etailer

July 2014

Completion of end-to-end SC transformation programme from design to implementation including Far East logistics consolidation, DC rationalisation, DC build, Automation and WMS